The Way of the Cross in Barile – by Liz Gilmour and Mary Dargie

In a tradition dating back to about 1600, the little hill town of Barile in Basilicata stages an annual Via Crucis Procession on Good Friday.

The procession starts at the Chiesa dei Santi Attanasio e Rocco, which houses the Madonna Addolorata.

Barile 1

Some of the young men of the village, dressed as Roman soldiers, ride round the town on horseback …

Barile 2

 … while people are gathering in the square.  

Barile 3

The trial of Jesus is enacted in the piazza.  (4)

Barile 4

Crowds line the streets as the procession slowly winds its way along its 4 kilometre route.  It features a large cast of characters, including the high priest Caiaphas,

Barile 5

Pontius Pilate,

Barile 6

St Veronica,

Barile 7

Mary Magdalene

Barile 8

..  and a little angel carrying the holy chalice.

Barile 9

The person chosen to be the Christ figure himself will have prepared for this demanding role with a period of prayer and fasting. 

Barile 10

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