Past Lectures

These are some of the lectures from previous years:

6 May 2022In Conversation with Barbara GorgoniWe talk about women in science.View it on YouTube
10 March 2022Art, Diplomacy and Dynastic Politics in Early 14th Century ItalySiena and The Angevin Royal Family of Naples by Prof. Diana Norman
10 February 2022Risorgimento: Heroes and VillainsA talk by Gavin BellView it on YouTube
27 January 2022Looking After VeniceJane Da Mosto, environmental scientist and co-founder of We Are Here Venice, talks ton us about the future of the city and lagoon.View it on YouTube
20 January 2022From Balcone to BigliettoRosamund Bartlett explores the important Italian influences on the music and architecture of St Petersburg.
2 December 2021In Conversation with Mary ContiniWe talk with author and director of Edinburgh’s favourite Italian food shop and Caffe bar.View it on YouTube
25 November 2021All’inferno ci si va con un amicoIl Prof. Domenico Palumbo ci parlerà, in Italiano, dell’inferno di Dante.View it on YouTube
18 November 2021Art & Identity: Textiles and Trade in Trecento SienaA talk by Jill Harrison
28 October 2021In Conversation with Stefano BenazzoWe talk with former Italian Ambassador, sculptor, photographer and model maker Stefano Benazzo.View it on YouTube
30 September 2021Staging Hell: Dante’s Inferno in PerformanceA talk by Prof. Nick HavelyView it on YouTube
5 October 2021The Wines of Northern ItalyExploring the wines of Piedmont and the Veneto with Carol Brown.
16 September 2021In Conversation with Chiara MessineoWe talk with Italian film Director/Producer Chiara Messineo.View it on YouTube
19 April 2021A Visit to the International Museum of Ceramics in FaenzaA tour of the museum with Director Claudia CasaliView it on YouTube
13 April 2021Ravenna As Seen Through Her MosaicsAn online talk by Imogen Corrigan
25 March 2021Songs Without WordsAn online talk in celebration of Dante Day by Jane EversonView it on YouTube
11 March 2021The Other Norman ConquestAn online talk by Gavin Bell
25 February 2021The QuarantAn online interview with author Graham BullenView it on YouTube
12 February 2021Cucinare online con EnricaAn online cooking lesson in Italian with Enrica CianciView it on YouTube
4 February 2021Politics, Religion and Intrigue in Early Modern ItalyAn online talk by Bruno CodenottiView it on YouTube
28 January 2021Caravaggio & the Caravaggisti: Naturalism in NaplesAn online talk by Aaron ThomView it on YouTube
3 December 2020A Magically Sweet Christmas in SienaAn online visit to the Antica Drogheria Manganelli in SienaView it on YouTube
26 November 2020On the Way to Jerusalem: Renaissance Venice as a crossroads for pilgrimsAn online talk by Sandra Toffolo
11 November 2020Divine Ascent: late medieval art and devotion in the AlpsAn online talk by Joanne AndersonView it on YouTube
24 September 2020Orkney’s Italian Chapel: the true story of an iconAn online interview with author Philip ParisView it on YouTube
27 February 2020Turismo EsperienzialeAn illustrated talk in Italian by Enrica Cianci
30 January 2020Divine Geometry: The Architecture of Francesco BorrominiAn illustrated talk by Lindsey Vyse
5 December 2019Postcards from SicilyAn illustrated talk by Liz Gilmour and Mary Dargie
7 November 2019Reluctant Romans – the Jacobite Court in ExileAn illustrated talk by Gavin Bell
24 October 2019Aberdeen University’s Canaletto RediscoveredAn illustrated talk by John Gash
25 April 2019The floor is yoursShort items by members and friends
28 March 2019La musica italiana dalle origini ad oggiA talk in Italian by Francesco Sani
14 March 2019Massa Marittima: A town contended between Pisa and SienaA talk by Sandra Cardarelli
31 January 2019Shaping Italy’s BootA talk by David Iacopini & Luca de Siena
6 December 2018Calendar GirlsA talk by Liz Gilmour
22 November 2019My Father’s Love of ItalyA talk by Roger Jagger
8 November 2018Saints and SepulchresA talk by Gavin Bell
25 October 2018Soldiers of God; Bernini, the Jesuit
Order and the Church of Sant’Andrea al Quirinale in Rome
A talk by Lindsey Vyse