Casting Light on Cavarozzi

An illustrated talk by Dr. Aaron Thom, Researcher, University of Aberdeen’s 525 Alumni of Achievement

17th November 2022 at 19:15 at Rubislaw Church Centre, 1 Beaconsfield Place, Aberdeen AB15 4AB

Bartolomeo Cavarozzi (1587–1625) is one of Caravaggio’s most gifted followers. Indeed, the biographer Baglione remembers him as being “highly praised” in his lifetime. Cavarozzi secured several important commissions and is known to have had a period of patronage in Spain. Scholars have begun to build Cavarozzi’s oeuvre by identifying him as the so-called ‘Master of the Acquavella Still Life’ and rightfully reattributed some paintings to him that were once thought to be by Caravaggio. This talk will present a fairly comprehensive account of Cavarozzi’s life and artistic career, which reveal his technical brilliance.