Risorgimento – Heroes and Villains

An illustrated talk by AIC Vice President Gavin Bell

10th February 2022 at 19:15 GMT at Rubislaw Church Centre, Aberdeen

Il Risorgimento” was a short-lived newspaper published in Torino between December 1847 and May 1849, but it has given its name to the movement which, between the time of Napoleon and the time of Bismarck, saw Italy free itself from foreign domination and overcome its long-time fragmentation. This was not a straightforward process.  Not only was there powerful opposition both within and beyond Italy,  there was debate and dissention among its supporters.  There were obvious heroes and obvious villains – and not a few individuals who, at different times, managed to be both!  Not to mention some highly unexpected participants.

Please note that this will be a live event at Rubislaw Church Centre in Aberdeen and as such will be subject to the COVID restrictions in place at the time, both Government restrictions, venue rules and any further controls that Aberdeen Italian Circle deem to be necessary to minimise risk tour audience. This may necessitate pre-booking of places to control audience size, proof of vaccination status, mask wearing, etc. We will post full details nearer the time.