In Conversation – with Dr Barbara Gorgoni

We talk with Dr Barbara Gorgoni of Aberdeen University about her work in science and public engagement.

24th March 2022 at 19:30 GMT

We are going to talk about women in science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and her experience as a scientist in Italy and Scotland, and how her work in Public Engagement is helping to make Science available to all.

Barbara’s role at the University of Aberdeen is to support academics in engaging public audiences with their work and discoveries and she organises a series of public events and activities to showcase the University’s research. In recent months she has taken part in European Researchers’ Night (September 2021), which has the purpose to take research and researchers out to the public. This was done mostly online, with talks, debates, videos and podcasts, and a couple of in-person activities. In March 2022 she will take part in British Science Week, a nation-wide celebration of science. They are planning to do mostly in-person activities, in collaboration with Aberdeen Science Centre. The Café Scientifique and Café MED that was run before the pandemic have not re-started yet, but as a loose replacement they started a podcast series called Café’ Connect, where researchers from all disciplines talk about their recent work. She also work with shmu, a charity based in Tillydrone, on a project funded by BBC Children in Need called “Curiosity”. The aim is to use science to inspire young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and improve their confidence and aspirations. The young people have a radio show where they discuss topics that interest them and have been working with university researchers to develop activities. She also supports a project with secondary school pupils who are researching themselves the impact on climate change of the food we buy and, conversely, the impact that climate change might have on the food we can access

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