Eight Years In Venice

An illustrated talk by Jean Moncrieff

20th October 2022 at 19:15 at Rubislaw Church Centre, 1 Beaconsfield Place, Aberdeen AB15 4AB

Jean retired from art teaching in 2010.  After losing close friends and family, and realising that life is short, she decided to sell up and carry out two of the items on her wish list- drive to Italy and spend a year in Venice. She had already lived in Rome, Florence and Milan throughout her life, so knew the country and language well. Venice was a place she had visited briefly – like all tourists -so her knowledge of the city was limited. She was keen to find out what everyday life was like in this fabulous, unique city.

It transpired that she ended up spending eight years there. This presentation is not the usual travelogue of Venice, but her personal, sometimes quirky, view, with images, anecdotes and useful tips on getting the best out of this mad, beautiful, sometimes frustrating, water bound city! She came back in 2018 and now lives in Stonehaven.