My Father’s Love of Italy

In 1939, my father, a regular soldier in the Royal Engineers, was serving in Egypt.  Living in Cairo, he and my mother had the prospect of an enjoyable 3 years posting – but World War II turned everything on its head and my parents were to be separated for 7 years.   My father was captured while serving with the 8th Army in North Africa and became a POW in Italy.   Escaping with another young Sapper Officer, they hid in a cave in the Abruzzo.   Found by an Italian shepherd boy, they were to spend many months living with the Salutari family on their farm in the hills.   This resulted in a life-long love of Italy, and their Italian family.    This is a story of breathless human kindness.

An illustrated talk by Roger Jagger.

Thursday 22nd November 2018 at 7:15 pm.